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Wilhelmina Lefina Warokka

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Children with:
Edward Jean Baptiste Wahr

Laurens Lao Warokka
Jan Kapean Warokka
Lina Warokka
Johanna Warokka
Jeannette Martha Warokka
Hendrik Abram Kawengian Warokka

Roderick Charlie Wahr
Molly Lily Wahr
Isabella Wahr
Leo (Doedel) Wahr
Richard (Pukkel) Wahr
Edward Brian Wahr
Wilhelmina Lefina Warokka
  • Born: 15 Oct 1913, Langoan, Minahassa, Indonesia
  • Married 17 Aug 1938, Soerabaja, East Java, Indonesia, to Edward Jean Baptiste Wahr
  • Died: 12 Nov 1996, Cinere, Jakarta, Indonesia

    pict8.jpg [142x193] 1938
    Mien (short for Wilhelmina) Warokka studied in Gorontalo and in Yogyakarta. She studied Law but could not finish it due to lack of funds from home. Later she became a teacher, teaching in Indonesia as well as in the Netherlands.

    When in Holland she studied for beautician and also opened a beauty parlour in Nigeria (when her husband worked there). She loved to read books and absorb knowledge from anywhere. She also was a fervent tennis player (became Indonesia champion in the '40s) and loved to play Bridge.

    She traveled everywhere her husband Eddy was called to: Indonesia, Netherlands, W-Africa.

    She was a great mother for her children who all keep her remembrance high.
    She died from an abusive attack by a junkie in Amsterdam in 1993. She finally passed away in Cinere, Jakarta, where her husband took her for the last 3 years of her life.

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